The School of Life: Finding Simplicity and Combating Anxiety

Simplicity & Anxiety - The School of Life

Good parents understand that life should only be so exciting for a baby. After friends, presents, cake, cuddles, bright lights, and songs, it’s time for a nap. The brain needs time to process, digest and divide up the experiences. After a rest, life will be more manageable again.

We don’t exercise the same caution with ourselves. We schedule overwhelming weeks and wonder why our lives are not calm. We need to simplify and calm ourselves down to reduce anxiety.

Here are some things we need to do:

Fewer People; Fewer Commitments

We need to see fewer people and make fewer commitments. Nietzsche’s point about needing time for oneself is still relevant today. We cannot achieve everything physically and remain psychologically healthy.


We need at least seven hours of sleep. Lack of sleep can worsen anxiety. We need to recognize and address our sleep deprivation.


Too much news and information can contribute to mental ill-health. We need to limit our exposure to stressful and violent news.


We need to eat simpler and lighter foods. The body needs time without digestion to deal with the mind’s contents.


We need time to think and process our thoughts. We should anticipate upcoming challenges to reduce their power to unnerve us. We need to orient ourselves in the story of our lives through thinking and planning.


We might choose a quieter, saner life over being extraordinary and famous. We may find real rewards away from the spotlight and competition.


Our environment can affect our inner state. We need to create an environment that visually promises the calm we seek psychologically.

Simplicity is true wisdom. We need more naps.